1. Can I extend my oil change interval with 100% synthetic oil?

Most people don't realize that today's conventional oil is actually a blend of synthetic oil and non synthetic oil. It is much better than motor oil produced years ago. A 100% synthetic oil does offer added insurance against engine failure if you forget to change your oil. But, one of the biggest reasons to change your old oil is because dirt and contaminates are suspended in it and changing the oil is the only way to get them out. We still recommend following the owners manual for proper oil change interval regardless if you use fully synthetic oil or not.

2. Do I need an appointment for service?

No. You may come in anytime betwwen 8-6pm Monday thru Friday and 8-5 on Saturday. It is first come, first serve.

3. Does the service really take only ten minutes?

Yes. Our procedure enables us to perform most oil change services in under ten minutes. Some cars require more time and if we have our bays full of cars when you arrive, you might have to wait to get your car in the shop.

4. How do I establish a fleet account for our company vehicles?

If your company has at least two vehicles operated locally and you would like to set up a fleet account with us, you may obtain an application at any of our locations or contact our main office and we will send you one. The benefits of a fleet account are monthly billing with credit check and the security of proper record keeping regarding the maintenance of your vehicles.

5. How do I get a copy of past invoices for oil changes?

If you stop by the facility that you have used for service and give them your tag number they will be happy to give you a history of service and duplicate invoices.

6. How often should I change my oil?

You should follow the recommended service interval in your owner’s manual. It been our experience that most people's use of their vehicle falls into "severe service" category. This means that under most manufactures guidelines that would mean 3000 to 5000 miles. Our experience shows that most of our customers change their oil at 4400 miles on average.

7. What about my factory warranty?

You are safe. It is unlawful for the dealer to insist on a specific brand of oil or filter or to require all service be done at the dealer in order to keep your warranty valid. America's Oil Express uses products that meet or exceed the specification needed to maintain your warranty

8. Will you use my oil and filter if I bring my car for service?

Yes. In most cases we would be happy to use your oil and filter. We cannot be responsible for the quality or proper fit of products you provide.


My family appreciates your crew and their services. We will continue using your facility as long as we are in the area!

David Kennedy

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